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Exciting news fans of Eiryukan Aikido. Shioda Sensei is releasing a new book in November available on Amazon. What a great thing I thought but what about all the Eiryukan students? Clearly we have something special to show everyone. Due to this inspiration we are full steam ahead and going to make an amazing new book starring you. As you already know there are lots of energetic students and wonderful places to go and practice your Aikido skills every day of the week. So how will Sensei choose who will be in the book I hear you cry. I would love to have everyones brilliant Aikido in there but as we only have so many pages. You all have the chance to get in there by standing out from the crowd. First write a short story about Aikido, your experience, what you love, why it is so good to take part etc. 200 words will be plenty. If you need further inspiration read Sensei Nevs summary of his Aikido journey right here on our website. Secondly take a snap shot of you doing some snappy Aikido moves so we know you are ready for Eiryukan Books front cover :) Good Luck and be brilliant !

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