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We are currently looking in detail at Eiryukan and its amazing people. For a kick off we want to celebrate our top girl, Erin Rowe. Erin started Aikido from the very first humble beginnings in January 2008 at Sir Francis Hill Junior School. She has just started her new journey at secondary school and we wish all the successes for that. We know she will do brilliantly because she has shown so much courage and dedication to her Aikido path over the last 4 and a half years. Erins favourite part of Aikido is getting stuck in and attacking Sensei in free style mode, she always gives 100% and never holds back. This is basically the true spirit of Yoshinkan. She has helped coach younger members for the last six months even in her busy schedule of dashing off to Guides on a Monday evening. An all round balanced lady. Erin travelled all the way to London earlier this year to train with 9th Dan Takeno Shihan, master instructor who visited all the way from Yamanashi, Japan. Check her out in the above link. This was an amazing experience and opportunity for all and she took it in her stride without batting an eyelid. She is the first girl to make 3rd Kyu, the first junior brown belt level and her near constant attendance has given her this edge. We are so proud that Erin has achieved so much with us, she is a joy to coach and always has a happy and polite manner. We wish her well for her future Aikido endeavours and look forward to seeing her as a black belt, on a mat near you soon. Amazing Erin.

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