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Its true everybody has a story to tell, whether they do is another matter. I just realised that it has been five years since I started Eiryukan Aikido in Lincoln. In the begining it wasnt Eiryukan it was just me. I just started doing what I loved and enjoyed im not sure exactly how it translates to you but im really interested to hear your story. The first class ever one person came along, Pete, thanks to him I had the opportunity to share what I learnt in Japan and Eiryukan was born. Recently Dan has started coaching on Tuesdays, im sure it will teach and reward him a lot. Julie has made the brown belt grade and helps coach brilliantly. Catherine and Chris helped me coach the new high school Aikido clubs and lots of students are lined up to help at their schools too. My student Janine is on a venture to start her new healing business which in a way reminded me of the start point and its complexities or infinite possibilities. Lots of students have made new grades and Aikido levels so this is not just a 5 year birthday for Eiryukan its a happy birthday to you and all that you are destined to achieve. Reach for the stars :) Everyone !

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