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New Year, New Activity, New Aikido Stance

Wow ! 2012 has been a blast of fun and action at Eiryukan. Whether it was on the mat or off we have had lots of fun training together. We hope that 2013 brings lots of new people to the mat and lots of new learning experience for all students. If you havent tried a martial art before, the new year and Aikido are the perfect starting point. We love beginners and the spirit they bring, so get up and go for it, bang on that white belt and polish your spirit till it shines bright ! For existing students the Christmas party is going to be awesome on the 23rd, at The Ark, Will you be the best of your belt category ? We are looking towards 2014, when Japan is on the horizon so keep saving and training well so you can impress Ando Sensei in Tokyo. We plan to join forces with the Shoshinkan in Nottingham in 2013, making regular visits to their dojo on weekends and working towards appearing at the 2nd Shoshinkan Annual Demonstration which is going to be even bigger and better than the excellent 1st year we attended a couple of weeks ago. The high school classes of Branston, R.P and N.K are set to grow and grow so watch out for more stories on the progress their. Check us out in The Branston Snoop.

We are looking at adding a morning slot at the new Deans Sports Centre at Lincs Collge, so take advantage of the great facilities there. Feel free to send us any martial arts related stories you have, we are always ready for feedback too. Have a warm Christmas and New Year Season. Best Wishes, Sensei Nev

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