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English Dragon School

Womens Self Defence, Aikido, Martial Art, Babies and Kids Welcome :)

Need an excuse to get out and about ? Or fancy a change of scenery doing something different ? Here at Eiryukan we see Aikido as a lifestyle choice which is crafted over time. If you live excellent habits you will acheive the positive results without even doing anything different. So our invitation is to start Aikido what ever your circumstances, we will accomodate you and your family. For people with babies or toddlers and want to be involved, great, bring them along, we will develop over time with you and them giving you a refreshing change and infinite opportunity. Place, Bracebridge Heath, Day, Friday, Time is flexibly up to you, let us know what fits and how you want it, we will sort the rest. Your pace, your level. We have a lovely female instructor who is happy to guide you along the way, Catherine, give her a bell on 07906 874 146, with any questions :) Keep bouncing !

2 Responses to “Womens Self Defence, Aikido, Martial Art, Babies and Kids Welcome :)”

  1. Rebecca Green says:

    Excellent idea. I would love to do it but I work Fridays. Please let me know if you intend to do other days in the future.

  2. Catherine Cyprus says:

    Hi Rebecca there is a possibility I could do a class on another day, send me a text or give me a call on the number above stating the day or days that are best for you and I will see if I can sort something out :) Thank you for your interest Cat x

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