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Eiryukan Aikido June in Lincoln

May has a been a great month for Eiryukan Aikido, we have started a new class at Witham St Hughs Primary, the summer festival at St Michaels was well attended with a crisp demo by the students and a sunny afternoon to chat and relax in. The new Eiryukan T Shirts have been launched and we have seen a subtle growth in the adult students in the club.

There are now quite a few students at 5th kyu which we denominate by a red belt and one student at 4th kyu, congratulations to Louis on reaching that stage.

Julie is well on the way to being 5th kyu and she continues to show a special enthusiasm in her progress and keeping the true martial journey aflame.

It is wonderful to see so much growth and development in Aikido across the board, I wish everyone could see it and taste its beauty.

I have recently been enjoying, Striking Thoughts by Bruce Lee, it comes highly recommended:

In search of a dedicated artist. – As in the combative arts, to train a deliverer and make him ready, mentally and physically, is difficult enough, and to find one with just that right appropriateness and that rare quality of a dedicated artist, can happen once in a blue moon.

3rd Dan Test

A chance to see most of this summers 3rd dan test by myself in Tokyo this summer. The culmination to a lot of hard work training and teaching in the U.K and in Japan. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this path of martial arts. Im most grateful !

New Aikido Belts in Lincoln and Nottingham

As we get to the end of 2009 it is my pleasure to congratulate Emma and Andy on reaching their first brown belt. In the busy worlds of family life and work this is a great acheivement on many levels, and a testament to their dedication. Becky passed her 5th kyu on the same day and has shown great progress in technique and flexibility, Congratulations. Ben passed his 6th kyu in the junior ranks with an excellent performance of kihon dosa renzoku and 31 jo, well done young man.

In Nottingham the Shoshinkan Aikido club held its end of year gradings and party on the 19th. The overall standard was very high and reflects the great level of training going on across the whole year. It was a pleasure to be part of this event and I look forward to training with everyone again in 2010.

Practice Tying Your Aikido Belt Over Autumn Half Term

Half term is here and school classes are off for one week. If you are free we have Monday at Birchwood, Wednesday at North Hykeham and Friday at Bracebridge Heath. These classes are always running why not come and meet some new friends.

As a challenge for the half term, try and master tying your belt, the co-ordination and attention to detail are important elements of Aikido and can be reflected in this task.