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Welcome to our Martial Art, Pilates and fitness club. Do you want to develop yourself physically and mentally?  If you are ready for a change, you have found a great club with great people who really look forward to training alongside you and supporting your development.

Our Aikido and Pilates both provide diverse physical training, covering both fitness conditioning and defensive techniques. They will help to

  • Improve your flexibility and physical awareness
  • Boost your confidence
  • Promote inner well-being and harmony
  • Develop focus and discipline
  • For Aikido, Learn Japanese language and etiquette

You have the opportunity to experience authentic Aikido in a full time professional club run by an instructor who lived and trained in Japan for over 5 years. Sensei Neville completed the world famous Yoshinkan Instructor Training Course in Tokyo. We also have an outstanding home grown black belt female instructor, Sensei Catherine who runs a variety of great classes as well as the refreshing Pilates training.

This is a family orientated club with direct lineage to Japan. You can easily get involved, become a 5th generation Aikido martial artist and enjoy all aspects of that experience. It’s a fantastic way to keep fit, have fun and meet new people. Feel free to step on the mat and get to grips with the basics. There is so much on offer to all people, give us a call if you have special needs, we will do our best to accommodate all differences. Any questions are welcomed and you can simply have a chat about your needs.  You could find yourself jetting off to Tokyo with us for the ultimate martial arts holiday of a life time.

Email us – sensei@eiryukan-aikido.co.uk with any questions.

If you feel Aikido could be for you, how about trying one of our classes, or just pop over to meet us in North Hykeham or Bracebridge Heath and watch a session. Let’s enjoy the journey together !

From the Blog

Boost your Brain with martial arts

We now how much fun you can have in Aikido and martial arts 🥋 Did you know its also considered good for your brain ? 🧠

Have a look through this article for further details…


New Website

We are going to release a new website..with a fresh new style thus month…we should have both pages crossing over but innthe meantime you can stay up to date via our Facebook page


See you soon 😊

2024 Looks Bright

As 2024 is the year of the dragon we know its going to be incredible…we are launching a new website imminently…a new black belt intensive course…a whole host of self defense and Fitness options as well as a variety of school classes and activities….keep up to date on our Facebook page for latest times and dates…

We are located in Whisby Road next to the Lincoln Transport Museum which is worth a visit too….at www.lvvs.org.uk/

Why cant I change ?

Because humans repeat behaviour repeatedly…..if it worked today it will work tomorrow…well your primitive brain isnt the boss is it ? If you have seen the groovy movie The Croods you have seen the dad breaking the habit of a lifetime…just about surviving…So in a nutshell to break a habit you make a new habit. Which is basically substitution therapy…..Let’s walk through an easy example…if you like a little 11am snack before lunch doughnut..chocolate cake whatever, you’ve been there dropping crumbs :/ someone telling you just cut the sugar wont work.. too much habit and repetitive behaviour there…but if I stock you a bag of relatively healthy bars of something and so when your horrible habit reflex of snack time comes around..you don’t hit the heart attack pack but you switch in for the relatively healthy option you have swerved the problem.and started to make a new habit….once you do that a few times the sugar rushes start to dissolve, you gain new momentum in a positive direction and you are on the road to victory my friend…so whats stopping you implement this advice ? Go substitute…. If you want to know the science behind change check out this great article and if you want to receive other tips and stories like this ping us an email entitled “I’m in ” to sensei@eiryukan-aikido.co.uk and you will get all the good goodies first, faster than you can say viola…. happy change people 

Dont sit on the fence forever……make black belt your goal and then you have a great excuse to treat yourself properly..if not Aikido how about Pilates :) Choices not chocolates