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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Sendokan Dojo Shokai

This month we are looking at Sensei Terry Harrisons Sendokan Dojo in the London area. On my return from Japan, Sensei Harrison was the first Yoshinkan instructor I met, it was delightful to find the Yoshinkan spirit here in the U.K. Sensei Harrison has been training in Aikido for over 30 years and continues to teach and spread Aikido with a strong passion. To celebrate this fact the Sendokan hosted a seminar with Ando Shihan in August, 2008. The kanji of Sen can be translated to special and when a dojo makes such a strong effort to develop and polish its Aikido as at the Sendokan then the school of the special way is truly an apt name indeed.terr2

Friday Night @ Eiryukan Aikido Lincoln

What a wonderful first class back to re-start Friday training! The new format of juniors doing Aikido alongside seniors proved a big hit and made a bubbly atmosphere. With some new faces and old favourites hitting the mats, Friday night Aikido in Lincoln will prove hard to beat for a fantastic mix of energy, experience and fun.

Hopefully our Shoshinkan friends from Nottingham will join us again soon, click this link to the Shoshinkan website for an account of their experiences at Eiryukan

September starts at 6am with Eiryukan Aikido Lincoln

In Japanese thought if you start something well and finish it well then the job has been done properly. Any flaws in the middle will be insignificant. On the first of the month at Eiryukan we have the opportunity to reset and start on the correct foot. Training at 6am in the morning is not for the faint hearted. Of course we can do this everyday but it takes a strong effort and conviction to maintain such a practice. Hopefully if we try something difficult once or twice we can build confidence and gain more and more momentum. So have a think about September and whether you started it right and hopefully you will make the most of the 9th month, if you dont and you feel adventurous why not join us in October?