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This month we are looking at Sensei Terry Harrisons Sendokan Dojo in the London area. On my return from Japan, Sensei Harrison was the first Yoshinkan instructor I met, it was delightful to find the Yoshinkan spirit here in the U.K. Sensei Harrison has been training in Aikido for over 30 years and continues to teach and spread Aikido with a strong passion. To celebrate this fact the Sendokan hosted a seminar with Ando Shihan in August, 2008. The kanji of Sen can be translated to special and when a dojo makes such a strong effort to develop and polish its Aikido as at the Sendokan then the school of the special way is truly an apt name indeed.terr2

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  1. Francis Blackmore says:

    I read the Sendokan article with great interest. I started Yoshinkan with Sensei Harrison and was privileged enough to be graded to Yudansha level by him. I have since left England and lived in Asia and the US, but what Sensei Harrison and all the Sendokan students gave me has remained my greatest Aiki gift; a good solid core that stands up anywhere in any style you may practice.

    Having visited many dojo’s and trained with many great people around the world – wherever I may be – I can safely say that my time with Sensei Harrison and his longtime senior students, such as Tom, John, Brian, Simon and Rod (amongst others) is sorely missed. (and sometimes the emphasis is on sore!)

    I strongly recommend anyone living within an hour’s drive to go and check out this Dojo, and anyone visiting London/England even for a short time to visit; 3 things are guaranteed:

    1. A very warm welcome
    2. A good honest (but tough) session
    3. A drink at the pub right after!

    Francis Blackmore

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