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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Practice Tying Your Aikido Belt Over Autumn Half Term

Half term is here and school classes are off for one week. If you are free we have Monday at Birchwood, Wednesday at North Hykeham and Friday at Bracebridge Heath. These classes are always running why not come and meet some new friends.

As a challenge for the half term, try and master tying your belt, the co-ordination and attention to detail are important elements of Aikido and can be reflected in this task.

Meidokan Dojo Shokai

For anyone who studies Yoshinkan Aikido, David Rubens Sensei is a name which needs no introduction. As one of Shioda Kanchos uchi deshi and translator of Total Aikido, an opportunity to train with Rubens Sensei is a must. Fortunately for us there will be an intensive training day coming up in November at the Tatsumaki Dojo, Slough . Check out the Shoshinkans facebook page for further details. If you cant make that, next time you are in London, take the opportunity to visit the Meidokan for a traditional taste of Yoshinkan Aikido.

Ryu 10th Anniversary

September marked the 10th year of Ando Shihans, Ryu dojo in Urayasu, Tokyo. Congratulations to Sensei and everyone at Ryu and all I had the pleasure to study with there. It holds a very special place in my heart as im sure it does to so many and I look forward to many more years of wonderful Aikido and future visits to Ryu dojo. Thank you Sensei !

Click here to connect to the Ryu 10 years anniversary video.

Eiryukan Aikido is 100


With less than two years in operation Eiryukan has brought over 100 people in Lincoln to the wonderful art of Aikido. The Monday class in Birchwood was a great success bringing brand new students and some old friends together on the mat. There are still some spaces available but only just. October has been action packed already, including early morning training on the first and the new monthly Sunday Roast Class, giving high quality and varied training options for all students. Autumn morning classes are on the horizon for the half term holidays and preparations for Decembers end of year grading are underway. If you would like to get a bit fitter or meet some new friends there is plenty going on for everyone, 100 people cant be wrong.