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Monthly Archives: December 2009

New Aikido Belts in Lincoln and Nottingham

As we get to the end of 2009 it is my pleasure to congratulate Emma and Andy on reaching their first brown belt. In the busy worlds of family life and work this is a great acheivement on many levels, and a testament to their dedication. Becky passed her 5th kyu on the same day and has shown great progress in technique and flexibility, Congratulations. Ben passed his 6th kyu in the junior ranks with an excellent performance of kihon dosa renzoku and 31 jo, well done young man.

In Nottingham the Shoshinkan Aikido club held its end of year gradings and party on the 19th. The overall standard was very high and reflects the great level of training going on across the whole year. It was a pleasure to be part of this event and I look forward to training with everyone again in 2010.

December Gradings at Eiryukan Aikido Lincoln

This month is flying by but will be memorable for several reasons, this Friday Eiryukan will see its first brown belt test for Emma and Andy. They have made an incredible demonstration of dedication and effort in their Aikido training over the past two years. Which im sure will be reflected in their tests. Becky will be trying out for her 5th kyu and Ben will try to become the youngest orange belt in Eiryukan, Good Luck to you all !

Yesterday saw the final class at All Saints Moor Lane, a big thank you to them for providing a great hall for us to train in. All of the students will be transfering to the Wednesday evening class, we look forward to seeing them in the new year at The Ark.

Eiryukan will begin a new secondary class at Toot Hill Academy in the new year. This is a really exciting new venture and will compliment Eiryukans existing student base by giving teenagers the chance to develop Aikido skills.

Saturday we will be attending the Shoshikan Aikido Nottingham end of year grading, seminar and party. Check their website for details.

Seasons greetings to all and look forward to some excellent activities and events coming up in 2010.

Payet Sensei and Healthy Schools with Eiryukan Aikido Lincoln

The big event in November was of course Sensei Jaque Payet visiting the UK for another excellent Sendokan dojo seminar at High Wycombe Judo Centre. There was a lot of expectation for the 6th Dan Uchi Deshi of Shioda Kancho Senior and he didnt fail to meet it. With a very peaceful air and no pretension of his illustrious career in Aikido, the seminar made all who attended review their kamae physically and mentally. With an exquisite demonstration of pure balance, Payet Sensei demonstrated how true mastery of this principle can overcome brute strength. If you havent had opportunity to read Shidoda Kanchos book Aikido Shugyo it was co-translated by Payet Sensei and comes highly recommended, if you are lucky enough to find a copy.

Balance was the subject for many students at Manor Leas primary the first week of November. In a collaboration for healthy schools week Eiryukan Aikido gave over a hundred children the opportunity to try their skills at Aikido and think how it could help them lead a more healthy lifestyle. The overall feedback was very positive and two of the attendees started attending the regular class in the school. Good luck to them in their Aikido journey.

payet seminar