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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Its June !!

Thank you to Rob, Julie, Vicki, Mick and Andy D for starting June on the right foot this morning at 6am !! Great to see so many people doing Aikido and fighting off the duvet ! I learnt loads today too, I wonder which part you guys will carry forward on your aikido study from todays class ? Including, Shomen uchi ikkajyo osai ichi, Shomen uchi shomen irimi nage ni and Kata te mochi nikkajo osai.

Looking back at May the Shoshinkan seminar in Derby, with Joe Thambu Shihan was a great success, an excellent venue with lots of different Aikido clubs taking part.

The Shioda Kancho seminar organised by Seidokan at the Tatsumaki Dojo, Slough, was also a big part of Mays schedule, with the mats full to the brim. It gave UK students the first visit in 26 years by the current Yoshinkan head, a rare chance to practice with the son of Gozo Shioda Kancho without having to fly to Japan !

Congratulations to all those who have graded in the last month there has been some noteworthy progression and great effort by many to make Aikido a priority and buck the trend of succuming to the usual excuses not to do something, well done to those who just did it !!

June events upcoming are the Manor Leas Gala which was very well attended last year and a great opportunity for the junior students to show how they have developed over the last 12 months. Saturday 26th June is the date, keep it free and pop along for some fun outdoor events and displays.