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Monthly Archives: July 2010


The summer gasshuku training started yesterday with a 6am class. Excellent to see the effort and spirit made in the warm summer mornings. Well done to all attendees.

Saturday and Sunday we will be traveling to train with Senseis David Reubens, Paul Stephens and Richard Brownbill we look forward to learning and enjoying aikido with them.

Eiryukan performed two summer festivals one at Skellingthorpe and one at Manor Leas. Congratulations to Tom and Rebekah for doing kihon dosa renzoku and san ju ichi no jo on their own in front of a large crowd, great effort ! Thank you to Dan for taking time out to make these events, giving us a well rounded display of junior and senior level aikido.

I will be traveling back to Japan for the first time since I returned to the UK in 2007, I look forward to meeting old friends, making new ones and refreshing my aikido during my stay at Ryu dojo.

Final class will be 23rd July restarting on the 27th August in Bracebridge Heath, schools will be back first week of September.

Have a great summer !!