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Monthly Archives: August 2010


Wow summer has been amazing !

Classes were closed in Lincoln while I went back to Tokyo to study further Aikido at Ryu Dojo ! After four weeks of intensive 35 degree temperature training I was awarded my 3rd Dan by Ando Sensei. Like students at Eiryukan I had to wait for my results to be revealed and I think this is a valuable thing as it gives time to reflect for oneself on the performance made. I will be uploading the footage and pictures to You Tube soon.

Friday had a good attendance for the holiday period and things are just starting to warm up again. Thanks to all students who attended on Bank Holiday Monday in Birchwood. Tomorrow we will be into September so early morning training will be held at 6am in Bracebridge Heath. As the weather gets cooler and the mornings get darker it is a great opportunity to buck the trend and get up in style.

If you are enjoying your Aikido Martial Arts experience please feel free to write or tell your friends about it and let them in on something special.

Look forward to seeing you all training soon and like me having a go at your next grade ! Good luck !!