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Monthly Archives: January 2011

A Warrior of Light is Never in a Hurry


It was with great pleasure that I presented a 6th Kyu award to Julie on Wednesday. She has trained diligently over the last year and made a tremendous start on her Aikido path. Already a 3rd Dan in the art of Karate, Julie has a vast wealth of experience behind her and like all true artists her efforts to develop have been unflagging. She has taken her time in exploring the subtleties of Aikido, dedicated herself to attend a variety of classes and in helping others in their training. This has all been alongside her own teaching, work and personal commitments. A very big congratulations to you Julie.

Lao Tzu says of the warrior journey ‘ The Way involves respect for all small and subtle things. Learn to recognise the right moment to adopt the necessarry attitudes. Even if you have fired a bow several times, continue to pay attention to how you position the arrow and how you flex the string. When a beginner knows what he needs, he proves more intelligent that an absent minded sage.’