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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Relax! Aikido Harmony for May

Aikido is not for everybody is a phrase I’ve often heard. I like to think that its not that Aikido isnt for everybody just that everybody is not ready for Aikido yet.

I cant do Aikido is heard even more frequently, I cant this or that, people trip themselves up before theyve even stepped on the mat.

When someone just does though, man they make good progress, they set their goals in positive steps, I can do this, I will do that, all of a sudden, hey Im actually doing it.

When I was a white belt I used to think to myself, What would a black belt do ? Id get myself to the class in the first place I thought, and so I did. Again and again.

Once there the rest is easy, its that first step thats the hardest but the more one takes that step the easier it becomes in that and all actions.

So dont say it, just do it and make yourself the Boss of May!