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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Aikido Martial Arts Demos in Lincoln Primary Schools 2011

Aikido 7c

A huge big thank you to all the students and parents, friends and families who came along and supported Saturday’s Manor Leas and Waddington Summer Galas. We managed to hang tough and beat the stormy weather. It created a very atmospheric backdrop as you will see from the great pictures taken by Kelly Page Photography! They will be on slide show at classes this week. Make sure you get there to see how cool you all looked. Peace.

Eiryukan Aikido At Strike Zone Martial Arts Dojo Lincoln

Strike Zone, Lincoln

There is an exciting development for martial arts happening in the heart of Lincoln, Shotokan Karate Instructor, Nigel Singleton has created an open training space for martial arts of all backgrounds to train in a multi purpose building. This regenerates an old banking store house bringing new life and opportunities into Lincoln within the martial arts field.

Sensei Nigels vision is:

To have a multi-disciplinary training centre, a true mix of martial arts who can all train without the politics that so often get in the way of our sport.

Eiryukan is looking to use the dojo for early morning training classes, private tuition, holiday club training and senior kids classes aimed at developing Aikido black belts and instructors in a traditional venue, which will allow for focused concentration and development.

The website for Strike Zone Dojo details the location and information on the other disciplines on offer there already. There will be an open week coming soon where you can come along and have a look at the dojo and get a taste for some of the arts. More information coming on that soon.

Eiryukan Aikido June in Lincoln

May has a been a great month for Eiryukan Aikido, we have started a new class at Witham St Hughs Primary, the summer festival at St Michaels was well attended with a crisp demo by the students and a sunny afternoon to chat and relax in. The new Eiryukan T Shirts have been launched and we have seen a subtle growth in the adult students in the club.

There are now quite a few students at 5th kyu which we denominate by a red belt and one student at 4th kyu, congratulations to Louis on reaching that stage.

Julie is well on the way to being 5th kyu and she continues to show a special enthusiasm in her progress and keeping the true martial journey aflame.

It is wonderful to see so much growth and development in Aikido across the board, I wish everyone could see it and taste its beauty.

I have recently been enjoying, Striking Thoughts by Bruce Lee, it comes highly recommended:

In search of a dedicated artist. – As in the combative arts, to train a deliverer and make him ready, mentally and physically, is difficult enough, and to find one with just that right appropriateness and that rare quality of a dedicated artist, can happen once in a blue moon.