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Monthly Archives: July 2011

A New Grade at Eiryukan Aikido, Lincoln

Neil and Sensei Neville

Neil and Sensei Neville

A big congratulations to Neil, after a good years Aikido training he made 6th Kyu grade on Monday nights class at The Boiler House, Birchwood. It is such a pleasure to see adults get to grips with the Aikido syllabus and pick up a good deal of Japanese language at the same time. Neil’s martial background comes from Tae Kwon Do, but after a time off the mat decided to have a change of emphasis into Aikido. Its been a fun yet challenging journey and from Neils feedback a very rewarding one. There is so much out there to learn its a wonderful thing when one continues to study.

Self-education makes great men.

Bruce Lee

Ando Shihan, Ryu Dojo, Japan

Shihan means master instructor and what an apt title! Ando Sensei is the reason I fell in love with Aikido, such style, power and control, truly beautiful.

I hope that all Eiryukan students will get chance to train with him someday either here in the UK, or in Japan.

We will soon be stocking Ando Shihans DVD instruction range, so you can grab an insight into his incredible Aikido from the comfort of your own home.

In the meantime have a look at an insightful news clip from Moscow TV on Senseis vist to Russia.