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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Aikido Classes for Fitness, Fun and Fullfillment

What a way to start the month ! March is off and running with the 6am morning training in full swing. It was a pleasure to meet a friend on the mat for the first time today. Early training is so significant for generating a positive mind set and high energy levels. I absolutely love it and wish to see more people step up their game and push themselves to new levels in the near future. As I said to the students today in a time of ease and convenience in a modern world, to endure a little hardship and develop the spirit goes even further and has far reaching effects. Mental health and body balance are more valuable than any jewel and polishing the internal diamonds is a fantastic process. Of course there are challenges and distractions but how many reality tv shows can one stand.

Test yourself this month, break the mold, rock the boat, live it up and let us know how you got on come first of April. You might end up with a smile on your face like my wonderful student Alex. Pictured below at The Boiler House, Summer Demo.