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Takeno Shihan at UK Yoshinkan Seminar


Wow ! What a weekend of training at the K2 arena in Crawley. Yoshinkan London, headed by 5th Dan Paul Stephens Sensei hosted both Takeno Shihan, 9th Dan and 5th Dan Nakagawa Sensei. An incredible opportunity was taken by 6 Eiryukan students to meet and train with two of Yoshinkans most respected instructors. The event began with a demonstration by various dojos around the UK under the watchful eye of Sensei Takeno and Yates Sensei, 7th Dan of Taidokan Aikido. The standard was high and set the pace to the coaching for the following two days. Takeno Sensei used a traditional method of demonstrating a technique once and giving students the opportunity to try. At first it seemed a little fragmented however after a while it was clear that it helped hone the whole group together into a cohesive journey of learning. Over the weekend Sensei guided us through some amazing and inspiring technical points and plenty of big throw action too. See Eiryukans team demonstration above and get a taste for the atmosphere yourself. In summary it was a great event to attend and has left us thirsty for more seminars soon. Osu

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