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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Good Habits, Routine and Momentum

The first of June, has been an action packed Aikido fest. 4 students rocked up for 6am training with bright spirit. It really is the best way to train, I have felt energised all day.

I have just managed to fit in writing this article before midnight as I knew if i put it off till tomorrow it would not have transpired. Like many things in life if they dont get done today they inevitably never do. My Aikido day has spanned 18 hours with a few breaks in between. I had a class at Lincs college, a second morning class in The Hut, a class at Manor Leas and three hours this evening in Bracebridge Heath also. Fortunately it flies by with energy and I cant wait to train more tomorrow when we have a guest training at Eiryukan. The students training for brown belts are doing a fantastic job and pushing their technical knowledge and physical durability. Im totally stoked and proud :) Thank you each and every student, old and new for driving forward in such amazing spirit.

Im sure more and more will sense their power and get on board the Aikido path. So got something you want to do this month? Do it today, black belt style :)