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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Welbourne Rocks !

Well done to all those who took part in Sir William Robertson Sports Week, Aikido Training Today ! You were all great. We have a new class starting next Thursday at The Venue, Navenby. 6pm to 7pm and 7pm to 8pm. Bring a fresh skill into your world. Sensei Nev. 0792 5 188 363 for more details.

Short cut to martial arts progress ? Practice Aikido

Several months ago I was approached by another person claiming to be dedicated and focused enough to make great progress on the black belt path. I was due to many other false hopes speculative on the most recent offering. When I met Lee Mitchell, I could tell there was a vast difference to the others who had fell by the way side. He was very professional, courteous, knowlegable and very likeable.

Its been only 4 months since that first meeting but the progress and development that has been achieved has been remarkable.

Here is an excerpt from his martial art memoirs of his black belt journey.

“Who would of thought when my Yoshinkan Aikido journey with Eiryukan began 5 months ago that I would already be training towards my brown belt, teaching beginner students and that the technicalities of Bruce Lee‘s one inch punch would unlock the secret for me to be nailing a solid right and left Kamae”

I myself have experienced a fast track of martial arts in Japan and am happy to say that with the correct input and energy, everyone can get to black belt here in Lincoln. Tune in for further parts of Lees story soon. Osu


lee exploding fist