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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Battlefield Brown Belt

andy mThose who reach for black belt have a few mountains to climb first. The brown belt stage has 3 consecutive levels of the same techniques in Yoshinkan Aikido. Why is that? I suppose if you look at the sword forging process you might see a similarity, intense heat, hammer, cool and repeat. The Japanese refined this process into an art form and the martial skill process is no different.


Stepping up to the plate on an early Autumn evening, Andy blasted out the energy and effort to forge his Aikido to the next level. His journey has not been easy but his persistence and focus paid off in a fantastic performance on the mat yesterday. With a handful of onlookers there to cheer him on and Dan Sensei as uke, he cranked it up big time. Check out the you tube footage I am sure you will agree that the sharp, crisp style is inspirational and truly worthy of the Yoshinkan name. OSU

New Term

Hello Family and Friends of Eiryukan. Hope you all had excellent holidays and you fully recharged your batteries. All classes are reopen this week apart from Saturdays which starts again next week. Looking forward to seeing you all here soon.

Best Wishes for your training this term :D Peace