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2015, A new era for Eiryukan Aikido

Happy 2015 to you all. We had the most spectacular 2014 with the launch of Eiryukan Dojo, the Japan trip and three new black belts on the team.

Thank you for all your energy and input across the board, it has made it all happen in the best spirit.

Catherine Sensei ladies only day session on a Wednesday is taking off with a nice group building together.

The dojo is potentially open to rent to other groups please get in touch to discuss your needs.

This year has more big gradings on the way, more tournaments, more special seminars, visits and lots of exciting events in schools and at the dojo. We will be sending out club news and information via email every month so let us know your address to keep up to date with whats happening and when.

Thank you to everyone for your good vibes, see you on the mat soon.


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