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English Dragon School

Pilates and Body Tone Classes

Calling all you fitness fans and posture perfectionists! We offer some really interesting and progressive classes which both work your fitness and your mind body connection. There are a variety of day and evening groups to join with no membership fees. If you have questions for Catherine please text or call on 07906 874 146 to book in.

Mental Health and Martial Arts

What are the key steps to improving mental health? There is a lot of discussion out there to investigate, so we will start to look at some of the studies already created and add our voice as martial artists. We hope to give you another angle of thought and possibly a gateway to testing martial art training for yourself. At this club we have a broad range of people practicing who over the coming months will share their stories as well as tips to add to your arsenal.

Restart September 2020

The good news is we have reopened the doors to all students from Friday. For now all training is non contact but it is good to start moving and thinking in an Aikido way. Remember to sanitise on entry and exit, keep social distance and to limit belongings around the dojo. For now space is for training only so spectators are not allowed for the moment. All 11 + should arrive and leave in masks and only remove once set training space is allocated. Keep safe.

A New Normal, Summer 2020

Good advice to consider

Well it would normally be the time of year where the dojo has a rest but since late March you all know the story. We are road testing some classes with social distancing and getting to grips with things in another light. If you are a student or parent who has been training before please feel free to get in touch if you are ready to return to the dojo in some shape or form, it will be good to hear from you via our contact page or sensei@eiryukan-aikido.co.uk

Japanese Guest Reviews Lincoln and Our Aikido

Last weekend we had a nice visit from Shuken Sato. He trains at Ryu dojo in Tokyo and works as a professional photographer. He took time to capture many images of the City and do some training at our dojo in North Hykeham. Here is his review.

“It is the best for me to choose on one thing to focus on. 

I like Lincoln. This city gives me an opportunity to mental space to do it.

I walked around this city and take a lot of pictures with peace of mind. It lets me have peaceful and relaxing feelings.

Although I live in Tokyo, there is a lot of information in words everywhere in Tokyo. In big cities like Tokyo, It is sometimes difficult to understand the importance of connecting with others.

It is an ideal Aikido that one gets on very well with one’s partner. It needs a quiet place to concentrate. The founder of Aikido, which is the Professor Morihei Ueshiba, chose appropriate place to practice aikido in his later years. Its place is a calm and around Nature.

I visit Lincoln to do Aikido in Eiryukan Dojo as you know. Lincoln is pleasant clean environment. It is one of the best place to do Aikido.


Shuken Sato.

Please check out his great work at his website.