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Neville, Eiryukan Head, 4th Dan

Catch him in the dragon logo van, bringing the flavor of Japanese martial arts to Lincoln. Staple food is brown rice which bangs out the best energy and grooves to RnB and hip hop when he is chilling out. 07925 188 363



Catherine, 1st Dan

With her very natural stance and posture, Catherine is a great coach and can spot where to help you develop your Aikido a mile off. Bubbly and enthusiastic, she gets on well with all levels and is fabulous at nurturing young people in the club. Check her classes out, her ladies only session at the dojo as well as her Friday club at the dojo.

cat hiriki



Louis, 2nd Dan

Catch him coaching the junior squad on Tuesdays, Louis is as strong and as flexible as they come. He is a patient and focused coach and the kids totally love his Zombie impression for the Zombie Island game :) Our world famous home grown black belt


Chris, 1st Dan

Rocketing up to 1st kyu in record time. Chris is a natural Aikido talent. He loves to read and write and took Eiryukans famous caligraphy t- shirt all the way to the Himalayas. He is the king of early morning training attendance but if you arent an early bird you can check him out on Friday evenings booming the mats.




Bekka, 1st Kyu

Twin sister to Tom she has recently took a strong hand into coaching juniors and is making great development. Friday nights are her class so pop along to meet her then.


Tom, 1st Kyu

A lifelong martial artist Tom has done boxing in Hong Kong and karate in various locations. He is always keen to help and coaches in Catherine Sensei Friday session. Check him out on a Wednesday as well.


Cameron, 1st Dan

After joining the club through his sister Erin, Cameron felt at home in his ninja skills and quickly picked up speed. He is cool and focused and completed the BAA coaching course in July 2016 to round his skills.


Graham, 1st Dan

Josh, 1st Dan

Jack,1st Dan