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Develop defend and grow, Aikido and Pilates, Call Sensei Neville, 07925 188 363

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Welcome to our martial art club. Do you want to develop yourself physically and mentally?  This is the first step on the path to being a black belt. If you are ready for a change, you have found a different and dynamic martial art, we really look forward to training with you.

Our Aikido provides diverse physical training, covering both fitness conditioning and defensive techniques. Aikido will help to

  • Improve your flexibility and physical awareness
  • Boost your confidence
  • Promote inner well-being and harmony
  • Develop focus and discipline
  • Learn Japanese language and etiquette

You have the opportunity to experience authentic Aikido in a full time professional club run by an instructor who lived and trained in Japan for over 5 years. Sensei Neville completed the world famous Yoshinkan Instructor Training Course in Tokyo. You can choose to train with an outstanding home grown black belt female instructor, Sensei Catherine who has a Friday session.

This is a family orientated club with direct lineage to Japan. You can easily get involved, become a 5th generation Aikido martial artist and enjoy all aspects of that experience. It’s a fantastic way to keep fit, have fun and meet new people. Feel free to step on the mat and get to grips with the basics. There is so much on offer to all people, give us a call if you have special needs, we will do our best to accommodate all differences. Any questions are welcomed and you can simply have a chat about your needs.  You could find yourself jetting off to Tokyo with us for the ultimate martial arts holiday of a life time. Pick up the phone and get in touch. 07925 188 363

If you feel Aikido could be for you, how about taking part in one of our classes, or come along to meet us at first hand and watch a session. The monthly fee is just £25 per month.

From the Blog

Pilates and Body Tone Classes

Calling all you fitness fans and posture perfectionists! We offer some really interesting and progressive classes which both work your fitness and your mind body connection. There are a variety of day and evening groups to join with no membership fees. If you have questions for Catherine please text or call on 07906 874 146 to book in.

Mental Health and Martial Arts

What are the key steps to improving mental health? There is a lot of discussion out there to investigate, so we will start to look at some of the studies already created and add our voice as martial artists. We hope to give you another angle of thought and possibly a gateway to testing martial art training for yourself. At this club we have a broad range of people practicing who over the coming months will share their stories as well as tips to add to your arsenal.

Restart September 2020

The good news is we have reopened the doors to all students from Friday. For now all training is non contact but it is good to start moving and thinking in an Aikido way. Remember to sanitise on entry and exit, keep social distance and to limit belongings around the dojo. For now space is for training only so spectators are not allowed for the moment. All 11 + should arrive and leave in masks and only remove once set training space is allocated. Keep safe.

A New Normal, Summer 2020

Good advice to consider

Well it would normally be the time of year where the dojo has a rest but since late March you all know the story. We are road testing some classes with social distancing and getting to grips with things in another light. If you are a student or parent who has been training before please feel free to get in touch if you are ready to return to the dojo in some shape or form, it will be good to hear from you via our contact page or sensei@eiryukan-aikido.co.uk