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Lincoln Martial Art Students Focused At Christmas Party

Seasons Greetings Eiryukan Fans. Did you receive a certificate of excellence at the party? Sensei really wanted to give everyone an award for their dedication and efforts this year. The standard of Aikido has been out of this world in 2011 and it was a tough job deciding who stood out from the crowd. As you can see from the photo even the white belts at the front are showing incredible focus and clearly have their eyes on black belts in the near future. This was a special opporunity to practice Aikido, have a few snacks and meet new friends from 8 different Lincoln classes. It was great to see so many getting on well and sharing their skills. For the first time junior members had the opportunity to see the Monson Street Dojo up close, again kindly loaned to us by Paul Chambers Sensei.
All belt grades stood up in front of everyone and demonstrated moves, keen eyed seniors voted for the best of the bunch and top players got an energising chocolate christmas goodie. A selection of the senior students showed free style techniques and player of the year, Louis Sanguy even put Sensei through his paces throwing him round the dojo. Kelly took some really refreshing Aikido pictures which you can view on Eiryukan Facebook, feel free to tag yourself and show the world your super Aikido. Well done everyone, keep practicing your kamae/stance over the holidays and come back fighting fit in the new year. We have lots of exciting things coming up in 2012, so stay tuned and Merry Christmas.

Ando Shihan, Ryu Dojo, Japan

Shihan means master instructor and what an apt title! Ando Sensei is the reason I fell in love with Aikido, such style, power and control, truly beautiful.

I hope that all Eiryukan students will get chance to train with him someday either here in the UK, or in Japan.

We will soon be stocking Ando Shihans DVD instruction range, so you can grab an insight into his incredible Aikido from the comfort of your own home.

In the meantime have a look at an insightful news clip from Moscow TV on Senseis vist to Russia.