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Eiryukan Aikido June in Lincoln

May has a been a great month for Eiryukan Aikido, we have started a new class at Witham St Hughs Primary, the summer festival at St Michaels was well attended with a crisp demo by the students and a sunny afternoon to chat and relax in. The new Eiryukan T Shirts have been launched and we have seen a subtle growth in the adult students in the club.

There are now quite a few students at 5th kyu which we denominate by a red belt and one student at 4th kyu, congratulations to Louis on reaching that stage.

Julie is well on the way to being 5th kyu and she continues to show a special enthusiasm in her progress and keeping the true martial journey aflame.

It is wonderful to see so much growth and development in Aikido across the board, I wish everyone could see it and taste its beauty.

I have recently been enjoying, Striking Thoughts by Bruce Lee, it comes highly recommended:

In search of a dedicated artist. – As in the combative arts, to train a deliverer and make him ready, mentally and physically, is difficult enough, and to find one with just that right appropriateness and that rare quality of a dedicated artist, can happen once in a blue moon.