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Zanshin, Martial Art Concepts No.1

1392587687756Hi to all Aikido heads, martial artists, those interested in Japan, Budo, physical movement and development :)

Eiryukan Lincoln is the home to a colorful array of experiences and activities, we aim to excel in every area and value your contact and feedback.

As 2014 is a big step forward in the club on many levels I felt it a good time to kick start the web content with quality images, stories, ponderings and anecdotes.

I found this informative link with an array of ideas to explain the term Zanshin and a tale at the end about Ueshiba Sensei which I have not heard before.

When I was training in Japan I was told that Zanshin, meant awareness, a strong focus particularly at the end of a technique showing readyness with an alert stance for further attack. The phrase “When the battle is over, tighten your chin strap” which is found in the fighting arts.com article above really resonates with me and summerises what I heard first hand succinctly. As you train keep this idea in your mind to guide you into more focused and ultimately more enjoyably aware performance. Let us know about you results :) Stay on the path and see you soon. Osu