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Eiryukan Meets Shoshinkan and Goryukan For Aikido Triple Bill in Lincoln

It was with great pleasure that Eiryukan hosted a mini seminar for two visiting Aikido Martial arts clubs on Saturday. The Shoshinkan from Nottingham and the Goryukan from Stafford, both Yoshinkan style schools. The setting was the excellent Monson Street Dojo, home of Lincoln Aikido Club run by Sensei Paul Chambers. A big thank you to him for allowing us to use the venue for the afternoon.

Under the watchful eye of O’ Sensei at the kamizawa, all participants trained together in a peaceful yet energised spirit. It was refreshing to experience the different characteristics and traits of all individuals and as mentioned by the instructors present, Jay Savery Sensei and Tadashi Narita Sensei, the effort to create Yoshinkan form was true.

Eiryukan have previously travelled to Goryukan to train and we look forward to visiting the Shoshinkan in the near future. A big thank you to all for attending and training with great spirit. Osu!

New Aikido Belts in Lincoln and Nottingham

As we get to the end of 2009 it is my pleasure to congratulate Emma and Andy on reaching their first brown belt. In the busy worlds of family life and work this is a great acheivement on many levels, and a testament to their dedication. Becky passed her 5th kyu on the same day and has shown great progress in technique and flexibility, Congratulations. Ben passed his 6th kyu in the junior ranks with an excellent performance of kihon dosa renzoku and 31 jo, well done young man.

In Nottingham the Shoshinkan Aikido club held its end of year gradings and party on the 19th. The overall standard was very high and reflects the great level of training going on across the whole year. It was a pleasure to be part of this event and I look forward to training with everyone again in 2010.