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“Aikido is a bit like decorating!”

As we hit September I’d like to share a metaphor from one of my students. She said Aikido is a bit like decorating. First you blast out the room and you can see a lot of changes and then things feel different. But then actually when you look there is a fair bit of snagging to do and you go around paying attention to details. What a great description! It definately gives one the idea of the different levels people can approach martial arts or any task in daily life. Fast and slow, carefully, joyfully, the variety is endless. The awareness is important and the understanding of how progress is being made is significant.

At the end of the day, how fast one progresses in terms of grades is not so important, rather that the level and quality of the knowledge is raised. An increase in awareness of the level of precision. An understanding of where we are now. If we know where we are we will never be lost. So look round your rooms and see where you are first. Maybe thats good maybe we feel the need to do something else, or more importantly try a different way of what we do.

Be aware in whatever you do this month!

A Forgiving Martial art, Aikido

What difference a month makes. From cold and dark to warm and bright, it only takes a moment. March has been a challenging month for many and a lot of important lessons have been learnt. Many have tried the way and fallen by the wayside but a few continue to forge ahead. Its easy to be complacent and forget our place when we strive however some make it look easy and never shout out about what they deserve, perhaps they know that it will be given anyway.

“The meek shall inherit the earth”. Matthew 5:5

As a beginner we should look to forgive the impatience of youth, the brashness of strength and best of all forgive ourselves.