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Summer Aikido Training Equals Results

Congratulations to Guiseppe who recently passed his 6th Kyu Orange belt test at Eiryukan Aikido Lincoln. Guiseppe attended twice a week over the summer holidays finishing off his 7th and making short work of 6th kyu. Watching Eiryukans Youtube Channel has also given a boost to his skills and shown the diligence it takes to make sound progress. Now he is the star of his own clip which you can see below. Many thanks to Damian, Guiseppes Dad who has supported him in his Aikido path. Great team work guys. See you at black belt one day soon.

Aikido 5th Kyu Grade!

Hearty congratulations go to Julie for making 5th Kyu grade last Wednesday night at The Ark, Hykeham. I happily presented her with her Yoshinkan Certification and red belt last night at The Boiler House. Julie often says that students who find martial arts the hardest, making the most effort to achieve, last the longest and get the most from it. I have observed her continued dedication with ups and downs over the previous few months and she has pushed on with great spirit through the highs and the lows. A definite example of excellence. Its understandably easy to allow petty things to get in the way or give up when the going gets tough, and thats why only those special few can enjoy Aikido to its full. He who climbs the highest peaks gets the best view or in this case she :)

Julie and Neville

Julie and Sensei Neville

Ando Shihan, Ryu Dojo, Japan

Shihan means master instructor and what an apt title! Ando Sensei is the reason I fell in love with Aikido, such style, power and control, truly beautiful.

I hope that all Eiryukan students will get chance to train with him someday either here in the UK, or in Japan.

We will soon be stocking Ando Shihans DVD instruction range, so you can grab an insight into his incredible Aikido from the comfort of your own home.

In the meantime have a look at an insightful news clip from Moscow TV on Senseis vist to Russia.